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Top 7 Training Courses for the Care Sector

The childcare sector amounts to a huge percent of business in Northern Ireland. If you work in the care sector, then you are aware of the training you require to work in this industry.

We provide various training courses which will not only keep you up to date with current legislation but will make your day care/nursery/nursing home etc. a safer environment.

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Here is our list of the top training courses for this sector:

  1. Paediatric First Aid
    1. Paediatric First Aid course has been specially designed for those who have a duty of care towards children and babies, including Teachers, Youth Workers, Childminders and Parents.
    2. Successful delegates receive a recognised Appointed Person Paediatric – Emergency First Aid for the Appointed Person certificate valid for 3 years.
  2. First Aid at Work
    1. This course will provide the successful delegate with a certificate in First Aid at Work valid for 3 years.
    2. The course covers, action in an emergency, primary and secondary assessment, breathing disorders, resuscitation, airway obstruction, disorders of circulation, bites and stings, foreign objects, burns and scalds, bones, joint and muscle injuries, poisoning, head injuries, effects of heat and cold, wounds and bleeding and much more.
  3. Food Safety
    1. These food safety qualifications are required to address new National Occupational Standards.
    2. The Level 2 Awards in Food Safety have been designed to address the food safety and hygiene needs of the catering
  4. Manual Handling
    1. The moving and handling of people is a regular task in health and social care, which if not done safely, can cause serious injury to service users and staff.
    2. This course will teach you safe methods in how to handle people correctly.
  5. Child Protection
    1. Aimed at anyone who comes into contact with children through their work, the course allows participants to gain a better understanding of safeguarding and the processes involved in child protection.
    2. The programme content adheres to the recommended guidelines and standards set by the appropriate authorities.
  6. Vulnerable Adults
    1. This course is suitable for anyone whose job role involves working with vulnerable adults, whether it’s on a full-time or part-time basis.
    2. The course is suitable for workers at all levels, including managers, supervisors, full-time staff and volunteers, and requires no pre-requisite knowledge.
  7. Designated Safeguarding Officer
    1. This Designated Safeguarding Officer course is suitable for anyone who works frequently with children and who holds a management, supervisory or designated child protection role.
    2. The course is suitable for anyone wishing to understand the responsibilities of the Designated Safeguarding Officer so that they can become a safeguarding officer for their company or assist those who already hold the position.

All these courses designed for the care sector will help you to work safely and also to adhere to government legislation regarding the care sector.

If you would like to find out where you can complete one of these courses, please check out our Upcoming Courses section.