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First Aid For All!

How many times have you heard while out and about, “Can a First Aider come to…”. How many times have you been able to help?

A lot of people still haven’t had proper First Aid Training, and why not? I’ll let you in on 5 reasons why you should train in one of our First Aid Courses.


  1. It saves lives!
  2. Creates a safer workplace!
  3. And a safer home life!
  4. Increases employability skills!
  5. Gives you a greater knowledge and understanding of medical emergencies!

We offer various levels of First Aid, from your 3 hour Emergency Response First Aid, which covers the basics in CPR, Choking and Recover Position. Emergency First Aid at Work which is taught over 6 hours and covers the above and also includes training on Burns, Scalds, Cuts and Wounds. For more hazardous, high risk work environments, we provide the 3 Day First Aid at Work course, which covers almost every skill you need to help anyone in need.

First Aid at Work Refresher

On top of this, we also offer Paediatric First Aid (6 hour and 12 hour) for everyone who has a duty of care towards children. Including teachers, nursery workers, parents, baby sitters etc.

We cater for almost everyone! Anyone can learn First Aid with our variety of courses.

Do you want to save a life?

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