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iso-9000 certification

OCR Level 2 Certificate in Retail Skills

This certificate is work-oriented and is suitable for those who have current real work experience within the retail sector. It is open to candidates of any age, of either gender and there are no entry barriers on grounds of race, creed or previous academic attainment or learning.

This qualification comprises units which are based on the new National Occupational Standards developed by Skillsmart Retail. It will be appropriate for candidates who are: already competent in basic retail skills and require recognition for a wider range of abilities in retailing; progressing from the Level 1 Certificate in Retail Skills; wishing to demonstrate competence gained previously in retailing or associated industries.

To achieve this qualification, candidates must achieve 6 units. Candidates can also undertake additional units, although these are not required to complete the qualification.


  • E19 Work effectively in your retail team
  • B5 Keep stock on sale at required levels in a retail environment
  • E7 Help to keep the retail unit secure
  • E6 Work effectively in your retail organisation
  • D1 Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation
  • C8 Process payments for purchases in a retail environment

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