Global Horizon Skills

Information Technology (I.T.)

This NVQ is for individuals who use IT skills in their day to day work.   The NVQ is a work-oriented qualification and is suitable for those who have current real work experience. It is open to candidates of any age, of either gender and there are no entry barriers on grounds of race, creed or previous academic attainment, learning or experience. To achieve a full OCR Level 2 NVQ for IT Users, a candidate must complete a minimum total of 100 Unit Values (UVs). This route comprises of one mandatory unit and a combination of optional units.


  • 2A Make selective use of IT


  • 2B Operate a computer
  • 2C IT maintenance for users
  • 2D IT trouble-shooting for users
  • 2E IT security for users
  • 2F Artwork and imaging software
  • 2G Internet and intranets
  • 2H E-mail
  • 2I Word processing software
  • 2J Spreadsheet software
  • 2K Database software
  • 2L Website software
  • 2M Presentation software
  • 2N Specialist or bespoke software
  • 2O Evaluate the impact of IT
  • 2P Use IT systems
  • 2Q Use IT to exchange information
  • 2R Sector specific unit

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