Global Horizon Skills
iso-9000 certification

Essential Skills

Essential Skills Adult Literacy

  1. There are 3 elements to this award:
  2. Listening and speaking
  3. Reading
  4. Writing

Essential Skills Adult Numeracy

  1. These awards focus upon specific areas of numeracy:
  2. Numbers and fractions
  3. Using data
  4. Multiplication and subtraction
  5. Measurement and shapes
  6. Time

[For participants on Government Funded programmes who have not achieved a Grade C or above in English and/or Mathematics Essential Skills can be taken in both literacy and numeracy at a level appropriate to the learner.  The awards are available at different levels].

At levels 1 and 2 candidates produce a portfolio of evidence by completing worksheets.

  • They undertake an action based activity
  • They will be assessed by a multiple choice assessment
  • These awards are recognized by UK employers
  • You will get a certificate for each award you complete.

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