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Childcare Training Courses

Training Courses for the Childcare Industry

At Global Horizon Skills, we offer a full range of accredited courses, recognised by awarding bodies. Some courses are particularly relevant to those in the Childcare Sector.

We have provided training for various playgroups in the North West who have always been extremely complimentary on our training delivery.

Below is our First Aid Trainer, Pat with parents and childminders from Surestart, who had just completed a course in Paediatric First Aid.


Training courses that are particularly relevant to those in the Childcare Sector include:

  • Paediatric First Aid
  • Health & Safety
    • Food Safety
    • Manual Handling
  • Child Protection
  • Designated Officer
  • Safeguarding

All these courses are recognised by Governing Bodies, and we follow the Guildlines set by the Early Years Team. banner-chids-02

These courses are especially designed for those who have a duty of care towards children and babies. For example, Teacher, Youth Workers, Childminders, Playgroup Leaders, Parents, Babysitters or Grandparents.

If you would like further information on any of these courses. Please contact us on 028 8225 6772 or e-mail us on